The Magic Behind Punnydukes

Punnydukes was foreseen in a prophecy.

'A yellow-haired Bookworm and a blue-haired Goddess will one day share a vision.' That vision will be to create the most magical and incredible shop that the world has ever witnessed. Through the magic and funding of likeminded souls & nerds their vision will be realised and Punnydukes will come to exist.

Inspiration has been taken from our favourite bewitching books and fantasy films and we have mixed them all together in a cauldron with the aim to create an awe-inspiring place to excite the imagination and prove that magic is real!

Katie Abey pun covered magic themed products from our current range is available to buy, alongside some Punnydukes exclusive items and bewitching one offs not available anywhere else.

Beautiful & whimsical themed decorative pieces and artwork from other small businesses are also available to buy, alongside various mystical artifacts and curios. 

The shop itself was able to become a real life neverland because of the amazing public friends and fans we are lucky enough to have!
Punnydukes was funded by our Kickstarter campaign, and to read the full story, please follow the link below:

At the end of our Kickstarter campaign, we ended up with this absolutely amazing result:

✨ £12,189 pledged of a £10,000 goal ✨

✨ 361 backers ✨